KOHO Visa Review - Get An Extra 1% Sign-Up Bonus

KOHO is a free pre-paid reloadable Visa card and integrated app that gives you real-time insights into your spending habits; it also includes some awesome features such as goals, rounding up every purchase into savings, joint accounts, 0.5% cash back PowerUps, and also security features like being able to lock the card at any time.

The savings rate for Canadians is below 2% of income. Using KOHO's saving features, the average KOHO user saves 7% of the money they put into their account each month. Users can track their spending and use tools within the app to get a better idea of how much money they can spend without creating more unnecessary debt.

KOHO is not a credit card. The KOHO Card is a Reloadable Prepaid Visa Card issued by Peoples Trust Company. KOHO won't affect your credit score, but it will give you all of the online buying power of a credit card with the cash-only benefits of a debit card. There is absolutely no commitment and no annual fees. So there is no risk to try it out.

To sign up, go to KOHO (Link) and enter KOHO Referral Code: KOHOBONUS

KOHO 1% New Customer Bonus

KOHO has an amazing referral program. You will get a referral bonus of an extra 1% in cash just for signing up and making a transaction within the first 30 days of signing up. The timer starts as soon as you sign up, not when you receive your card. So make sure you don't wait very long to make your first purchase.

KOHO Virtual Card

Once you sign up you will be provided with a virtual card. So you can load and start using your new KOHO card right away while the physical card is in the mail

The virtual card can be used just like a regular physical card, however basically only for online or over the phone purchases. Or, you can add the virtual card to Apple Pay and use it almost anywhere. No need to wait!

KOHO Refer A Friend

KOHO lets you refer up to a 10 friends and earn up to 10% cash back in referral bonuses! To find your unique promo code. Log in to the KOHO mobile app, where you will see a small box on the top right. Your code will be displayed on this screen. For every person you refer, both yourself and your friend will get a few bucks.

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KOHO Review

KOHO Visa is a great card and mobile app. And we have found the customer service to be equally amazing. They are pushing forth new features everyday. The ability to see spending habits and adjust savings goals while on the go is awesome. We would recommend giving them a try. We are also excited to see what new features they have around the corner.

Zach Chen

Rating: 4.9/5