Earn $50 just for signing up!


Just copy and paste the Orange Key above when you sign up at www.tangerine.ca

Offer expires April 30, 2019

Open a new Tangerine Chequing or Savings Account

Open a Tangerine account with a minimum $100 deposit.


Enter this code


Enter the Orange Key above when signing up.

Earn your bonus!

After a few days. The $50 bonus will be deposited to your account!

Earn an additional $150

Have your payroll direct deposits switched to your Tangerine Chequing Account by April 30, 2019. Your $100 Bonus will be paid after 3 consecutive months of deposits
Switch 2 pre-authorized payments of at least $50 each by April 30, 2019. Your $100 Bonus will be paid after 3 consecutive months of withdrawals

  1. What is a Tangerine Orange Key? - The Tangerine Orange Key is a promo code that Tangerine uses to track their promotions, most notably the referral program. This referral program is exactly as it sounds. If an existing customer of Tangerine provides their Orange Key to a new customer who signs up and deposits a certain amount of dollars, then both parties receive a cash bonus. If the new person does not enter in any Orange Keys, then no bonus is provided so there's definitely incentive to enter in a key! So make sure to use the code!
  2. What about monthly fees? - That's the beauty of an online bank. Tangerine does not charge any monthly re-occurring fees for their Chequings or Savings accounts. So there's very little reason for you not to setup an account, even if you don't plan to use it.  Also, once you have signed up, Tangerine will issue you an Orange Key for yourself, which you can use to get more bonus's just for referring your friends.

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Referral Codes from www.getreferral.ca

STACK: STACK is a smarter way to spend, save, and share money - anytime, any place - with a mobile app or Prepaid Mastercard®. Also enjoy no foreign exchange fees and exclusive deals and promotions

Get $20 cash from STACK! For Free!
Sign up from the stack referral link below on your mobile device

Sign Up!
(Must click link with mobile device to get the bonus.
For iPhone users it may say invalid/ask to open in app store)

If you forgot/didn't use a stack referral/or it just didn't work... no problem. Message support and give them my email and name, and they can apply the bonus.
[email protected] (Shaun Brown)

KOHO: KOHO is a free pre-paid, reloadable card + integrated app that gives you real-time insights into your spending.
The average KOHO member cut their spending by 15% and saved an average of $550 in just three weeks.
Also, if you set up direct deposit with KOHO of at least $500, you will get another $40 for free. That's a total of $60 of free money!

Sign up from the KOHO referral link below on your mobile device or enter code V6XZSYZC when signing up

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PayTM: PayTM is the only app in Canada that gives you Rewards for your bill payments. Plus, choose how you want to pay: credit card, bank or cash. You can even pay bills that usually don't allow you to use a credit card and get credit cards rewards also! For example property taxes.

Sign up and pay a bill and we will give you 5,000 points! (A $5 value) Use code PTM1431111 when signing up.

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Ebates: Shop through Ebates at your favorite stores and get cash back. Up to 40% back! Ebates gets a commision for sending you to stores you already shop at. And then shares that money with you.
Nothing to lose. Only cashback to gain.

Sign up with the link below and they will give you $10 when you spend $25 or more within 90 days.

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Shakepay: Shakepay is a mobile wallet and peer-to-peer marketplace that is only available in Canada. Shakepay allows Canadians to buy, sell, and send cryptocurrencies. Funding your account and trading is extremely easy.

Sign up with the link below, install the mobile app and purchase $100 in crytpocurrency to receive a $10 bonus! 

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Great Canadian Rebates: Shop online and get cash back for your purchases. For example, go to the Great Canadian Rebates website first and they will redirect you to your favorite shopping website. Make your purchase as you normally would. And get cash back credited to your account within days!

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Drop: Drop is the free mobile app that's giving out millions in cash rewards for the spending you already do everyday. Two ways to earn: Link your credit cards and get cash back for everyday purchases OR shop via the mobile app and get cash back & bonus offers.

Click the link below or enter code '9iuum' to get $5 worth of points for free!

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